The Importance of Using an Experienced Testing Center for Medical Marijuana Testing

Modern Canna Cannabis Testing, Medical Cannabis

Medical marijuana is gaining greater mainstream acceptance in no small part because of quality and potency assurances from independent testing centers that work with cannabis cultivators to standardize their products. In Florida, medical marijuana testing centers provide these much needed services to the State’s cultivators and dispensaries to help them comply with new rules and regulations that govern their businesses. … Read More

Increasing Demand for Medical Marijuana in Florida

Communities and individuals in the United States and around the world are demanding greater access to medical marijuana as they gain a better understanding of its therapeutic benefits. Florida is no exception to this general trend. In the first four months of 2018, the number of Florida patients that received authorization to use medical marijuana increased from roughly 70,000 to … Read More

The Benefits of Medical Marijuana for Florida’s Economy

Modern Canna Cannabis Testing, Medical Cannabis

As more states adopt laws that enable the use of medical marijuana, the economic benefits of medical marijuana are becoming more apparent. Modern Canna Science, a licensed marijuana laboratory in central Florida that offers medical marijuana testing and consulting services for the state’s Medical Marijuana Treatment Centers (MMTCs), sees at least five ways in which Florida’s new medical marijuana law … Read More

Washington State May Enforce Cannabis Pesticide Testing

Modern Canna Cannabis Testing, Medical Cannabis

Washington may soon join other states — including Oregon, California and Colorado — in requiring growers to submit product for pesticide testing for recreational cannabis. The state currently has more than 1,000 licensed producer-processors, and cultivators hope the move will inspire confidence among consumers and improve sales. Florida-based laboratory Modern Canna Science stands ready and able to provide accurate testing in … Read More

Legal Cannabis Gives Rise to Testing Industries

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Now that medical cannabis is legal in many states, including Florida, the importance of establishing quality and purity standards has taken center stage. Medical cannabis is still an emerging industry and as such, the regulations in Florida and elsewhere are expected to continue evolving for quite some time. With regulatory guidelines not yet firmly established, it’s particularly critical for industry … Read More

Modern Canna-What is Cannabinoid Testing?

Modern Canna Cannabis Testing

With the debate going on hot and heavy over whether marijuana should be legalized for medical and recreational use, the interest in everything from medical cannabis testing to how much it will cost if legalized. One question running through people’s minds is what is Cannabinoid testing? Below you will find some information about cannabinoid testing and what it does. What … Read More