Why Quality Control Matters for Hemp & Cannabis Testing

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Are you confident about the purity and potency of your hemp and cannabis products? Whether you’re a consumer, a producer, or a healthcare practitioner, transparency and accountability are critical. It’s far too easy for companies to label hemp and cannabis products with misleading or incorrect information regarding quality and potency. False advertising in the industry is disturbingly prevalent. Start-ups — eager … Read More

New Florida Requirements for Certified Marijuana Testing Labs

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The Florida Department of Health Office of Medical Marijuana Use recently released its requirements for certified marijuana testing. These regulations were originally scheduled for release in 2017, but the road to state certification has been long and difficult. These rules were promulgated based on the Florida government’s emergency rulemaking powers. That means these rules could become active at once, rather … Read More

How to Test THC Potency

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For medical cannabis consumers, THC potency in their medication of choice is critical. Recent studies show that many medical cannabis products do not contain the THC levels listed on their packaging. Whether the THC is too low or excessive can have a profound effect on the patient’s health and condition. A lot of labs will claim that they offer precision … Read More

THC Vaping Deaths: Is the Black Market to Blame?

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While recent vaping deaths and illnesses involving THC continue to make headlines, one critical point is not emphasized. Virtually all of these fatalities involve illicit-cannabis products, not the carefully regulated cannabis subject to stringent state standards. According to the CDC, nearly all of the vape products known to have caused death or severe illness are linked to victims’ acquiring them … Read More

Is Medical Marijuana Covered by Insurance?

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Though medical marijuana is legal in Florida, it might take years before patients are able to receive insurance coverage for cannabis treatments. The federal government will need to reclassify marijuana as a legal substance, the FDA will need to conduct lengthy trials, and insurance companies will need to determine how it will cover this medical treatment option. Barriers to Medical … Read More

Importance of Testing Medical Marijuana

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For many years, the medical marijuana industry operated without much large-scale oversight. Now, as legislation nationwide begins to take a more progressive stance on cannabis, cultivators, processors, dispensaries, and treatment facilities are under increased scrutiny. This means that the importance of product testing in the medical marijuana marketplace has never been higher. The rapid growth of the legal cannabis industry … Read More

Edibles Often Mislabeled – Why Potency Testing is Crucial

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Nearly 25 percent of all medical cannabis users in the United States prefer brownies, cookies, and other edible products to get their dose of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). And while eating some THC-infused candy may seem like a more pleasant (and safer) way of medicating compared to smoking marijuana, how do you know that those edibles, as appealing as they may be, … Read More

Max Amount of THC Allowed in Florida for CBD Oil

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Medical Marijuana and CBD oil has been a hot topic in Florida, with lots of changes on the federal and state level that seem to bounce back and forth between limitations and accessibility. Ultimately, this has created a confusing legal landscape that has landed some CBD distributors and users in trouble with the law. Why the confusion around the federal … Read More

Florida Medical Marijuana: What to Do Now to Have a Cannabis Business Later

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Whether you’re looking to run a cannabis business for medical or recreational marijuana, you’ll need a fair amount of preparation to ensure your startup’s success. The landscape is likely to be a competitive one, but the companies that can guarantee quality will rise to the top of the crop. A Successful Cannabis Business Starts with Cultivation & Testing Research The … Read More

Does the Gender of Cannabis Matter?

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When it comes to producing recreational and medical marijuana, the female plants are generally the star of the show. Many don’t realize that cannabis plants have a gender, but to those who grow it, breed it and process it into edibles, oils and other therapeutic products, sex matters a lot. While cannabis is able to self-pollinate, the plant has distinct … Read More